Water softener

Fight against the limescale (scale) that is present in the distributed water! > Limescale invades our lives, it leaves whitish marks in the bathroom on shower walls, in the kitchen, on dripping dishes in the sink, on taps it clogs the water jet... > It acts as a plug over time in pipes, in sewage pipes, it clogs the drain (favouring the development of bacteria and micro-organisms), it often forces expensive work! > It scale and damages the resistances of water heaters, coffee machines, washing machines and other household appliances. > Limescale also affects our daily life, because of the hardness of the water, it forces us to use more soap, detergent liquid, washing powder and household cleaning products. > Limescale damages the skin and hair and causes itching.

Pastilles cylindriques de Chlorure de sodium pur à 99.9 %, exemptes de tout éléments nuisibles ou incrustants, utilisé pour les résines échangeuses d'ions. Vendu en sac de 15 Kg. Conforme à la norme EN 973, EN 14805, Qualité Alimentaire.
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