Sewage pump station

Lifting unit or sewage pump station for disposal of domestic sewage (washbasin, sink, bidet,shower), waste water or loaded water (toilet, loaded dirty water) rainwater, (gutters water, water piped of runoff, drainage water..). Large range of sewage pump station for home, subdivision, block of buildings, apartment buildings, collective houses, communities...

Automatic small sewage pump station 40L
les than 5 or 10 days
Sewage pump station - one pump
Automatic small sewage pump station 40L for lifting of sewage, clean water or loaded slightly. fully unit and ready to install, with tank burried 40L + power pump 0.25kw + equipment.
CALPEDA CALIDOUBLE PA 8 sewage lifting station 2 x pumps. CALIDOUBLE PA 8 lifting 2 x pumps, is mouting on a base. Ideal for lift of sewage water or loaded water. Power rate to 0.55kw. Using for group of home, or individual. Available in 3 cisterns size : 780L, 1060L and 1340L.
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