Tuyaux caoutchouc

Highly flexible EPDM hose D38 or D51 for the suction and delivery of foodstuffs such as milk, wine, beer, cider, fruit juices, drinking water, spirits up to 96%. Sold by the linear metre, up to 40 m in one length.
EPDM cleaning and steam hose ideal for food industry discharge, dairies, cheese factories, fatty products, steam, hot water cleaning. The CONTINENTAL BLUE STEAM hose is specially designed for environments containing grease and oil. It is FDA certified and complies with food industry standards. Up to 40 m in one length.
Tuyau NBR Lactopal L destiné à l'industrie alimentaire, pharmaceutique et cosmétique, il est idéal pour l'aspiration et le refoulement de lait, glace, huiles, graisses...Certifié FDA, réponds aux normes en vigueur de l'industrie alimentaire. Intérieur NBR blanc, spire acier, extérieur composé de fibre synthétique, résistants à l'ozone, aux UV, à...
Suitable for the agricultural sector, chemical industry, railways, shipping, petrochemicals, construction, machinery and plant engineering... Temperature resistant up to 85°C, operating pressure 33 bar. Up to 50 m in one length.
UPE hose, very handy and light, FDA compliant, special for breweries, wineries, resistant to liquids with an alcohol concentration of up to 100%, for the food industry in general, patented red EPDM exterior, smooth white UPE interior made of synthetic fibre, ozone, UV and weather resistant, up to 40 m in one length
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