Tuyaux aplatissables

Tuyaux aplatissables
Fireflex flat fire hose NF S61112, BS 6391 Type 3, DIN 14811 Class 3, MED certified. Top of the range hose manufactured in France, guaranteed for 20 years. It is resistant to abrasion, hydrocarbons and chemicals, ozone and U.V. It is distinguished by its longevity, more than 3 times greater than "conventional" hoses. Sold in 20 meter lengths.
Flexdrink flat hose specially designed for the transport of drinking water (KTW Germany approved) and food products. The hose is coated on the inside and outside with food-grade polyurethane and reinforced with a woven cover made of 100% synthetic yarn. The flexdrink guarantees an excellent resistance to abrasion, non bursting pressure 50 bar. Available...
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