Pedrollo 4SR1 Borehole Pump 4" (400V) -1m3/h

Pedrollo 4SR1 Borehole Pump 4" (400V) -1m3/h

Pedrollo immersed (submerged), pumps (400V) are renowned for their high efficiency and increased resistance. Pump for 4” wells the 4SR pumps, ideal for all types of boreholes.



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Pedrollo 4SR1 Borehole Pump 4" (400V) -1m3/h
504021 0.75 Kw
Pedrollo 4SR1 Borehole Pump 4" (400V) -1m3/h
504022 1.10 Kw
Pedrollo 4SR1 Borehole Pump 4" (400V) -1m3/h
504023 1.50 Kw
Total: 0,0
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Suitable for use with clean water with a sand content of no more than 150 g/m³. As a result of their high effi ciency and reliability, they are suitable for use in domestic, civil and industrial applications such as for the distribution of water in combination with pressure sets, for irrigation, for pressure boosting, for agriculture...

Pumped clean water with sand max 150 g/m³.

Pedrollo 4SR1 Pump borehole 4"
 Model Reference   Power
  (kw)    (HP)
400 (V)
Motor Stage
4SR1/13 504 021 0.37 0.50 three phase 1.5 FRANKLIN 13 PEDROLLO
4SR1/18  504 022 0.55 0.75  three phase 1.5 FRANKLIN 18 PEDROLLO 
4SR1/25 504 023 0.75 three phase 2.0  FRANKLIN 25 PEDROLLO
4SR1/35 504 024 1.10 1.5 three phase 2.8  FRANKLIN 35 PEDROLLO 
4SR1/45 504 025 1.50 three phase   3.9  FRANKLIN 45 PEDROLLO 











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