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French float manufacturer for over 45 years.

Manufacturer specializing in float regulation offering a wide range of products such as level regulator, level switch ...

Régulateur de niveau à flotteur pour acide, base, produits pétroliers - SOBA HR HY
less than 5 days
Float switch - Regulator of level

SOBA HR HY regulator of level for aggressive liquids - 3.5 bars

SOBA HR HY omnidirectional regulator of level with double waterproof thanks encased in a HR HY (High Resistance) housing. Used for aggressive liquid : acids, solvents, corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, sea water, etc. Allowed fluid density from 0,80 to 1,10. Maximum pressure : 3.5 bars. Switching angle + or - 25°.
SOBA EX certifié ATEX SOBA EX certifié ATEX 2
less than 5 days
SOBA EX, ATEX certified level regulator for gas and dust environments, with external ballast. Applications : sewage water, charged liquids, oils, mud, paint, aggressive liquids...  - Maximum pressure : 4 bars - Switching angle + or - 25°.
Interrupteur de niveau Eau potable
less than 5 days
Float switch - Regulator of level

ATS 165 EP - ACS certified float level switch

ATS 165 EP, ACS certified float level switch use in extremely agitated drinking water applications. Switching angle : + or - 165°. Maximum pressure : 3,5 bars
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