Dual function filtration, 25µ filter screen + refillable container cartridge of activated carbon, polyphosphate, or other product of your choice.

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Made entirely of premium synthetic material, CINTROPUR filters are suitable for food and drinking water use. The CINTROPUR propeller transforms the water flow into a centrifugal effect by precipitating heavy particles at the bottom of the bell while the filter sleeve ensures the final filtration according to the chosen fineness.

Basic principle:
Protection of domestic, collective and agricultural sanitary water circuits by filtration of solid particles (earth, sand, rust particles, etc.) suspended in the water. The protective filter will be ideally placed at the entrance to the installation to protect all the accessories connected downstream.

Domestic: Protection of sanitary networks supplied with mains water, rain or well; Water filtration before softener, reverse osmosis or treatment by ultraviolet lamp.

Water treatment:
In water treatment model (CTN), the CINTROPUR is pre-equipped to receive different products:
- Polyphosphates, silicates, silico-phosphates, effective up to 60 ° C, these products will be used to reduce the harmful and encrusting effects of tartar. Another well-known application is the protection of new sanitary installations against rust.
- Activated carbon CINTROPUR SCIN The large pore volume and large exchange surface make this extruded activated carbon an excellent choice for improvement of taste, disappearance of odors, reduction of chlorine, ozone and micropollutants such as pesticides and other dissolved organic substances (activated carbon, polyphosphate or other products).

Connection diameter 1 "
Average flow 0.5 m3 / h
Working pressure 10 bar
Working pressure 16 bar
Max temperature 50 ° C
Filtration surface 335 cm²
Mounted cuff 25µ
Container CTN empty
Empty weight

Replacement of consumables:
- Maintenance consists of replacing the filter screen and the activated carbon or plophosphate (twice a year).
- Filter sleeve (conditioned by 5pc.) Not washable: 5μ / 10μ / 25μ / 50μ / 100μ Washable: 150μ / 300μ.
- Activated carbon (3.4 liter keg) CINTROPUR SCIN quality Capacity of the volumes available for: CTN cartridge = 0, 57 l (6 refills).


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