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POMPES H2O JET-PUITS home booster pump 60L 230V-400V



Home water booster 60L with stainless steel self-priming jet pump, power 0.75 kW, single-phase or three-phase, maxi. flow to 3m3/h, maxi. pressure 4.5 bar. Maxi. suction heighter until 8m, tank 60L with stainless steel flanges.

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Ideal for pumping in wells until 8m in suction. Used for boosting and water supply system, for water distribution system and for many kind of home boosting, such as cold water supply for domestic use, for watering, irrigation, pumping in wells, for rainwater tank lifting, for suction of slightly loaded water with solids particulates, or clean water, for transfer of drinking water.

Use :
- Lifting water from wells until to 8m below the level of the pump.
- Pumping in water court, or in drinking water tank, or lifting rainwater from cuve.
- Pumping of drinking water in interiors tanks, lifting untreated water from drill, from water replenishment.
- Home booster for watering, irrigation, sanitary block of campsite, and for water supply in general.
- For pressure boosting in residential (until 6 persons) + watering to maxi. 500m².

Electrical characteristics :
- Induction motor 2 poles, 50Hz (n = 2800 rpm).
- NGL : Three-phase 400 V ± 10%.
- NGLM : single-phase 230 V ± 10%, with thermal protection.
- Level of protection : IP 54 - Insulation classe F.
- Highly efficient classe IE2 for three-phase motor from 0,75kw.

Hydraulics characteristics of the pump :
- Mono cellular self-priming jet pump with in-built ejector.
- Pump housing in stainless steel with cataphoresis treatment.
- Cover of pump in stainless steel AISI 304.
- Shaft in stainless steel AISI 430.
- Turbine in brass.
- Diffuser and ejector in NORYL PRO-GF20.
- Mechanical seal in hard carbon - ceramic.
- Pressure in body pump to 8bar.

Hydraulics characteristics of the tank :
- Interchangeable bladder tank - food quality.
- Made in paint stainless steel epoxy.
- Lower flange, superior flange and screws in stainless steel.
- Bladder in EPDM butyl, for drinking water.
- Threaded male outlet in stainless steel.

Ref. 600 258 600 259
Voltage (V) Single-phase 230/50Hz Three-phase 400/50Hz
Power (kw) 0.75 0.75
Power (CV) 1.0 1.0
Intensity (A) 5.4 2
Pump model
NGLM 3/13 NGL 3/13
Maxi flow (l/min) 50
TDH (m CE) 45
Maxi. pressure (bar) 4.5
Self-priming (m) 0 à -8
Hole suction Ø (BSP) 1" F
Hole discharge Ø (BSP) 1" F
Interior suction hose Ø (mm) 25
Interior discharge hose Ø (mm) 25
Tank (L) 60
Temperature of liquid unitl 35 °C
Temperature room until 40 °C
Weight of group (kg) 27 27

Composition of PRESSOJET JET-PUITS 75 booster set :
- 1 bladder tank with stainless steel flanges 60L, food quality, PS 10 bars.
- 1 electrical self-priming jet pump in stainless steel 0.75 - CALPEDA NGL (detail in table above).
- 1 pressure switch three-poles XMP Telemecanique - 0-6 bar.
- 1 manometer axial 0-6 bar.
- 1 coupling 5 ways 1" in brass.
- 1 flexible of connection in stainless steel M/F 1" long 700mm.
- 1 ball valves M/F 1".
- 1 PVC filter  1" with seive washable in stainless steel 150µ + 1 purge valve + PVC hose 20cm long.
- 1 many coupling in brass.
- HO7RN-F cable (3G1.5mm² or 4G1.5mm²).
- Normalized plug 2P+T for single-phase model or free cable for three-phase model.

- Delevery from 4 to 8 days, mounted and wired up.
- Garantee 2 years.

- Standard norme EN 60034-1; EN 60034-30. EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-41.


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