DAB DRENAG automatic submersible pump

DAB DRENAG automatic submersible pump

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DRENAG automatic submersible pump with float switch made of stainless steel, with thrust ring type impeller, for draining wastewater containing solids of maximum 10 mm diameter size.


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DAB DRENAG automatic submersible pump
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Model Referency PH / Voltage KW HP A (IN) Type
DRENAG 1200 200 051 1 x 220-240 V ~  1.20 1.60 7 Automatic




DAB DRENAG draining submersible pump, have a flow until 28m3/h and total heighter manometric to 17m. For pumping water with solids bodies to maximum 10 mm.Used like pump for intervention (worksite, public works, firefighter).

• Run-off water pumping ; sandy water ; clear wastewater.
• Sandy water suction for worksite.
• Emptying of cistern/cuve/reservoir/tank.
• Cellar, basement, garage drying-up.
• Domestic wastewater pumping (washing machine, shower, kitchen sink).
• Watering and gardening.
• Rainwater pumping and run-off water pumping.


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