Tube - Hose

Roll-up flat hose, exterior red polyamide fabric, interior in black synthetic rubber, light and handy, with symmetrical AR 100 connection, aluminum skirt crimping. Used in the transport of pressurized water, max pressure 15 bar.
AZUR PVC hose for pumps & farming
Less than 10 days
PVC plasticized hose, special for suction and pump discharge reinforced by a spiral in rigid pvc anti-shock.
Enrouleur automatique avec flexible spécial gasoil, structure robuste, résistant à la corrosion, support galvanisé et tambour en acier peint époxy, arrêt du tuyau, flexible spécial gasoil et huile, PS 40 bars, raccords sertis.
Les enrouleurs automatiques pour le gasoil et l'huile, sont construit avec une structure robuste, qui garantit d’excellentes performances même dans des conditions de travail difficiles. Modèle Heavy duty, résistant à la corrosion, pertes de charge réduites, fixation toutes positions, arrêt du tuyau.
Enrouleur pour distribution de gasoil, fioul, huiles, spécialement conçu pour le ravitaillement, pertes de charge limitées, disponible avec tuyaux 20 et 25 mm, longueur 8, 10 et 14m selon modèle.
Flexibles produits alimentaires
Lightweight, handy hose for beverages, breweries and distilleries, temperature resistant up to +130°C, resistant to liquids with an alcohol concentration of up to 100%, resistant to common detergents and disinfectants. Equipped with two DIN 32 F/F or M/F stainless steel 316 crimped connections with stainless steel notched skirts.
Highly flexible EPDM hose D38 or D51 for the suction and delivery of foodstuffs such as milk, wine, beer, cider, fruit juices, drinking water, spirits up to 96%. Sold by the linear metre, up to 40 m in one length.
EPDM cleaning and steam hose ideal for food industry discharge, dairies, cheese factories, fatty products, steam, hot water cleaning. The CONTINENTAL BLUE STEAM hose is specially designed for environments containing grease and oil. It is FDA certified and complies with food industry standards. Up to 40 m in one length.
Tuyaux aplatissables
Fireflex flat fire hose NF S61112, BS 6391 Type 3, DIN 14811 Class 3, MED certified. Top of the range hose manufactured in France, guaranteed for 20 years. It is resistant to abrasion, hydrocarbons and chemicals, ozone and U.V. It is distinguished by its longevity, more than 3 times greater than "conventional" hoses. Sold in 20 meter lengths.
Flexdrink flat hose specially designed for the transport of drinking water (KTW Germany approved) and food products. The hose is coated on the inside and outside with food-grade polyurethane and reinforced with a woven cover made of 100% synthetic yarn. The flexdrink guarantees an excellent resistance to abrasion, non bursting pressure 50 bar. Available...
Le flexible AIRSOFT performance est extra souple, même à froid, grande maniabilité, structure innovante, garantissant une durée dans le temps, une très bonne tenue à la pression et à la traction, raccords mâles 1/4" sertis, PS 16 bars.
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