Domestic sewage pump

This basical sanitation pumps are used for pumping and for evacuation of wastewater in home and small collective. For which application can you use it ? > for pumping wastewater, domestic water, sink water, kitchen water, washing-machine, dishwasher, washbasin. > for septic water draining, grey water, valves water. > for lifting domestic water to sewerage system, of loaded draining water. > for emptying septic tank, basin, reservoir, tank, cuve, cistern. > for evacuation of loaded slightly rainwater in sand and mud.

CALPEDA wastewater & black water sewage pump kit - DN 50
Less than 5 days
This unit is delivery with a sewage pump with vortex impeller, power 0.55 Kw, 0.75 Kw or 1.10 Kw, equiped with automatic float, and discharge column, with check valve specially designed for wastewater , and 3m pvc high pressure tubing Ø63, PVC-U Ø63 ball valve, and outlet connections.
Pompe submerssible de drainage DAB FEKA
Less than 5 days
DAB FEKA VS stainless steel automatic pump with float, designed specially for emptying and draining of loaded water, with a maximum suction passage to 50mm.
DAB FEKA VX automatic submersible pump
Less than 5 days
DAB FEKA VX submersible automatic pump with cast iron foots, specially designed for pumping and draining of loaded water, with a maximum passage diameter to 50mm. Voltage 220-240V - with float. Used in house or little collectif draining water system, for emptying sump water, run-off water, rainwater, water soak pit, domestic wastewater, water tubewells,...
FLYGT Delinox DXVM sewage pump 230V with vortex impeller FLYGT Delinox DXVM sewage pump 230V with vortex impeller 2
less than 3 to 5 days
FLYGT Delinox DXVM wastewater and drainage submersible pump 230V 50Hz, with vortex impeller and integrated support legs. This pump is compact, highperformance and is very lightweight. Submersible pump with pump body and motor casing in stainless steel. Designed for lifting of wastewater, loaded water and blackwater (from toilets).
GQS 50-11 submersible pump with impeller Vortex
Less than 10 days
GQS 50-11 submersible pump with impeller Vortex - DN50 - for lifting of loaded liquids. Sold with or without float. Power 0.90kw - Single phase and three phase.
Pompe de relevage 12 ou 24 V cc, sortie DN 1" 1/2, passage solides 30 ou 40 mm, (modèle 7 MP), roue vortex, pompe entièrement en fonte, très performante, pour le relevage d'eaux usées et chargées en provenance d'une habitation, pour le drainage de cave, de puisard, le relevage des pluviales, débit max 330 l/min, (modèle 7 MP).
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