Corrosion resistant pump

We offer a wide range of high quality pumps for corrosive liquids. These are submersible sewage pumps for clear or lightly loaded liquids, designed for pumping extremely corrosive liquids, chemical liquids, leachate pumping, pumping in saline environments such as sea water. These pumps are very often used in the pharmaceutical industry, water environment, agriculture, fish farming...
We are at your disposal to determine your needs. Depending on the model, the pumps are made of bronze or stainless steel 304, have more developed equipment such as strainers, floats and have a higher or lower flow capacity and the capacity to absorb liquids of varying density.

Pompe à roue vortex, fabrication toute inox 316, pouvant fonctionner en mode immergé, conçue pour le relevage des liquides filtrés extrêmement corrosifs ou agressifs. Refoulement DN50 vertical, alimentation triphasé, puissance de 0.37 à 1.50 Kw.
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