Fixed speed 1 pump

We offer a wide range of high quality blower units equipped with fixed speed pumps. A booster unit operates by means of a bladder tank which stores water under pressure, the water is then distributed at constant pressure into the network. Our range of booster sets extends from the smallest model used for watering, rainwater booster, WC, washing machine, garage, constant pressure domestic water supply to the largest model capable of automating the supply of running water to a dwelling.

CALPEDA HYDROMAX-220 water booster pressure group 300L 400V 2.20kw
Less than 5 days
Water booster unit three-phase, with bladder tank capacity : 300L mounted on support. Power : 2.20kw. Full ready to use, for water supplies in apartment building or residential complex, for potable water transfer, boostering sanitary network. Ready to use.
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