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Amisjet N Automatic air-feeders for water booster



For water booster systems with external centrifugal pumps maximum working pressure 8 bar, NICK for pressure tanks up to 750 liters, LEON for pressure tanks up to 2000 liters.

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Air feeders AMISJET SERIES N are suitable for water booster systems with external centrifugal pumps. New design and constructive solutions characterize this series of air feeders in relation to the ratio quality-price. They have the following technical features: Material: body in high resistance synthetic resin Working pressure: up to 800 KPa (8 bar).

Installation automatic air feeders AMISJET :

A : When the pump starts, inside the air-feeders passes water from the pressure tank to the suction of the pump. The flow of water in the ejector ,inside the air-feeder, generates an air-suction from the outside which accumulates progressively.

B : When the air feeder is completely full of air, the internal float shuts off the operation, avoiding that air can reach the suction of the pump.

C : When the pump stops, for balancing of pressure, the float lifts and the air flows down in the tank, while the air feeder is again filling of water. The cycle is so finished and the system is ready for the successive cycle.

Characteristics automatic air feeders AMISJET :

Model Referency Dimensions (sizes)
    D (mm) H (mm) Ø 1 Ø 2 Tanks (liter)
NICK 341 185 112 220 1/2" 1/2" 24 à 750
LEON 341 186 112 320 1/2" 1/2" 1000 - 2000

Diagram for choice of NICK & LEON :

Operation :

Automatic air feeders AMISJET SERIES N, SERIES M, SERIES A ensure a continuous and abundant supply of air to the pressure tank using external centrifugal pumps. All air-feeders have an ejector mounted in the body itself; the ejector has an high suction capacity. The construction is strong and compact.
It has no metallic parts subj ect to wear. All Amisjet series N, series M, series A are used in plants with pump fed by well, water storage or acqueduct. The air feeder must be installed vertically as indicated in the scheme. One ball valve V1 must be installed between the upper end of the air feeder and the pressure tank; one ball valve V2 must be installed between the lower end of the air feeder and the adapter to the suction of the pump. The check valve R of the plant must be always placed before the connection of the air feeder to the suction of the pump. No other check valve must be installed on the delivery pipe between the pump and the pressure tank; otherwise the air feeder does not work. The air feeder supplies air into the pressure tank at any cycle of operation of the pump as below described. The time of realization of the air-cushion is in function of the number per hour of switch on/switch off of the pump. Normally in a plant , the time of realization of the air- cushion is about 7-10 days. It is necessary to adjust the ball valve V2 when for a big pressure stage , the float ball inside the air-feeder goes down too quickly and consequently in the closing phase causes noise and vibration to the connecting pipes. In the case of a pump connected to a main water supply under pressure for a normal operation of the air-feeder one make sure that the pressure in the tank must be 1,7 time than the main pressure.


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