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International manufacturer specializing in the production of borehole pumps, lift pump, lifting station, swimming pool pump ...

CALPEDA, is an Italian industrial group, installed in France since 1991 in LE BIGNON (44140), specialized in the manufacture of pumps for housing, collective, heating, swimming pool, water lifting in general, large pumps and lifting stations made in France, borehole pumps and accessories, surface pump, for irrigation, water supply, pressure boosting, liquid transfer, circulation, heating, and others

CALPEDA designs and manufactures its pumps in its Italian manufacturing plant, as well as in its own Italian foundries: the ZARDO foundry in BOLZANO VICENTINO and the RUBINI foundry in SCHINO.

The internationally recognized CALPEDA group, already established in 100 countries, on the LE BIGNON site in Loire Atlantique, on this site is assembled many brand products, lifting stations, clean, waste and loaded water, home booster and collective, fire boosters.

Pump station 1 pump vortex impeller (0.55kw - 230V) tank 230L Pump station 1 pump vortex impeller (0.55kw - 230V) tank 230L 2
Less than 10 days
Lifting loaded water, waste water, rain water. Fully station pump, ready to install, with a burried tank capacity 230L + station pump made in special cast iron for loaded water, power 0.55kw + equipment.
CALPEDA wastewater & black water sewage pump kit - DN 50
Less than 5 days
This unit is delivery with a sewage pump with vortex impeller, power 0.55 Kw, 0.75 Kw or 1.10 Kw, equiped with automatic float, and discharge column, with check valve specially designed for wastewater , and 3m pvc high pressure tubing Ø63, PVC-U Ø63 ball valve, and outlet connections.
CALPEDA ID ECO rainwater recovery kit
Less than 5 days
The CALPEDA ID ECO rainwater recovery kit is ready to install to a cistern, underground tank, or wells. It's equiped  with 15L tank, supplied on water city system.
GEOTRIT automatic small pump station GEOTRIT automatic small pump station 2
Less than 10 days
Lifting micro-station

GEOTRIT automatic small pump station

When it's not possible to connect to the discharge network, GEOTRIT pump station is used for grind and evacuate waste water from WC and wash basin
Surpresseur 2 pompes verticales MXVB 400V
Less than 5 days
Booster twin multicellular vertical pumps unit all in stainless steel, with collector and stainless steel support. Delivered mounted and ready to connect. Three-phase 400V - 2 x 0.75kw - 2 x 1.50kw - 2 x 3.00kw.
CALPEDA CALIDOUBLE PA 8 sewage lifting station 2 x pumps. CALIDOUBLE PA 8 lifting 2 x pumps, is mouting on a base. Ideal for lift of sewage water or loaded water. Power rate to 0.55kw. Using for group of home, or individual. Available in 3 cisterns size : 780L, 1060L and 1340L.
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